IP Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology

Year-2021 | Volume: 7 | Issue 2

Review Article

Adult-onset acne: An expert consensus

Author : Shrichand G Parasramani, Sushil Tahiliani, Gaurav Deshmukh, Dhiraj Dhoot, Hanmant Barkate

Doi : http://doi.org/10.18231/j.ijced.2021.019   Page No : 90-97

Evolving eponymous signs in diagnostic dermoscopy

Author : Atul Bothra, Seujee Das, Anshu Maheswari, Mehak Singh, Shashank Bhargava

Doi : http://doi.org/10.18231/j.ijced.2021.020   Page No : 98-106

Original Article

Profile of Intentional and Iatrogenic skin afflictions: An observational study

Author : Som Jitendra Lakhani, Rohit D Chordiya, Vinaykumar Biyani, Rashmi Mahajan, Jitendra D Lakhani

Doi : http://doi.org/10.18231/j.ijced.2021.029   Page No : 153-157

Case Report

Indelible ink dermatitis during COVID: A series of 97 cases

Author : Akshay L M, Sushruth Kamoji, Shilpa Vinay Dastikop, Vinita Sanagoudar, Gajanan A Pise

Doi : http://doi.org/10.18231/j.ijced.2021.032   Page No : 169-171

Short Communication

Journal Keywords

  • Allergy Testing
  • Cryosurgery
  • Intralesional treatment
  • Photodynamic Therapy
  • Phototherapy
  • Tumescent Liposuction
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Vitiligo Surgery
  • Systemic Therapy
  • Topical Therapy
  • Neonates
  • Genodermatoses
  • Lupus
  • Bullous Pemphigoid
  • Pemphigus Vulgar

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