Profile of Intentional and Iatrogenic skin afflictions: An observational study

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Author Details : Som Jitendra Lakhani, Rohit D Chordiya*, Vinaykumar Biyani, Rashmi Mahajan, Jitendra D Lakhani

Volume : 7, Issue : 2, Year : 2021

Article Page : 153-157

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Background: Intentional skin afflictions are often done as a means of relief from medical disorders as in the case of skin branding or as a means of cosmesis and beautification as in body piercing and tattooing. Such practices often have medical and psychosocial consequences.
Materials and Methods: An observational study was carried out at a teaching hospital where a total of 36 (20 male and 16 female) consecutive patients with skin affliction which were either intentional and/ or iatrogenic, were included in the study after informed consent.
Results: Medical consultation was done for variety of skin afflictions and their consequences including skin branding (8), tattooing (12), body piercing(4), keloids(9) and hypertrophic scars(3). Abdominal causes of branding like ascites, umbilical hernia, chronic abdominal pain, huge splenomegaly were present in subjects who had undergone skin branding from faith healers. Psychosocial consequences of subjects who came for intervention and advice regarding unwanted tattoo marks and body piercing were Tattoo regrets, Army tattoo Policy, Requirement for job procurement, Relationship Conflicts, Disapproval from Peers, Self disapproval, Body image problems, Parental disapproval and others. Subjects having hypertrophic scars and keloids sought treatment for medical issues like pruritus and fear of carcinogenesis as well as for cosmetic reasons.
Conclusion: Studyingprofileand psychosocial problems related to intentional/iatrogenic skin problems may give insight for prevention of such consequences in dermatology and medical practice.

Keywords: Intentional skin afflictions, Skin branding, Tattooing, Keloids, Hypertrophic scars Iatrogenic, Body piercing, Psychosocial consequences.

How to cite : Lakhani S J, Chordiya R D, Biyani V , Mahajan R , Lakhani J D, Profile of Intentional and Iatrogenic skin afflictions: An observational study. IP Indian J Clin Exp Dermatol 2021;7(2):153-157

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Received : 07-04-2021

Accepted : 13-05-2021

Available online : 29-05-2021

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