Pattern of Pediatric Dermatoses in a Tertiary Care Centre in Karnataka

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Author Details : Bangaru H, Nanjundaswamy BL

Volume : 2, Issue : 1, Year : 2016

Article Page : 5-7

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 Background: Skin diseases are major health problem in the pediatric age group and it reflects the status of health, nutrition, hygiene and personal cleanliness of a community.


1.        To estimate the proportion of pediatric skin diseases.

2.        To estimate and test the impact of age and sex on pediatric skin diseases

3.        To prioritize the condition of skin diseases among pediatric age group.

Inclusion criteria: All cases registered in outpatient records aged 0-18 years.
Exclusion criteria: None.
Materials and Methods: Study design: Retrospective study.
Retrospective collection of data from the out patient records, of all children aged 0-18 years, who had attended as out-patient, in dermatology out-patient department, in Krishna Rajendra Hospital, Mysore, Karnataka. The diseases will be tabulated based on age, sex and etiology and results will be analysed.
Sample size: With the incidence of pediatric dermatoses 9-37%, level of significance 5%, absolute allowable error 5%, using confidence interval approach, the sample size is 131-373. However, over a period of six months, 3753 pediatric case sheets have been considered for the study.
Statistical method: Objective 1 is analysed through frequency and proportion, objective 2 is analysed through bivariate frequency technique using frequency, chi-square test and object 3 is addressed through frequency technique.
Results: Out of 16500 out patients 3753 were children aged 0-18 years. Males (1984) were slightly more than females (1769) with male to female ratio of 1.12:1. Majority of children belonged to the age group 10-18 years (2510 cases-66.9%). The majority of dermatoses (41.87%-1611cases) belonged to infection and infestations group followed by acne vulgaris (20.87%-803cases) and dermatitis and eczemas (15.44%-594cases).
Conclusion: Our study provides a detailed information of epidemiological and clinical pattern of dermatoses in pediatric age group, showing infection and infestations as the commonest dermatoses and it also enlightened the change of trend in pediatric dermatoses, such as fungal and viral infections overtake the bacterial infections among infections. Acne was the second most common dermatoses.

Keywords: Infections, Infestations, Scabies, Eczema and Acne

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