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Efficacy and safety of 10% topical minoxidil, oral finasteride and microneedling in Male Pattern Baldness

Author : Sanjiv Choudhary, Isha Verma, Adarsh Lata Singh

Doi :   Page No : 64-68

Fever with rash; Role of an untold history in clinching the diagnosis

Author : Kamath PR, Bhat RS, Patel PV, Cholakundan AB

Doi :   Page No : 171-173

A comparative study of methotrexate & low molecular weight heparin for the treatment of generalized lichen planus

Author : Snehal Lunge, Shivakumar Patil, BS Manjunathswamy

Doi :   Page No : 153-158

Evolving eponymous signs in diagnostic dermoscopy

Author : Atul Bothra, Seujee Das, Anshu Maheswari, Mehak Singh, Shashank Bhargava

Doi :   Page No : 98-106

Upraisal of third sex

Author : Sushruth Guruputra Kamoji, Preethi Rajagopal, VNS Ahamed Shariff

Doi :   Page No : 70-72

Clinico-etiological study of pyodermas in a tertiary care hospital

Author : Purnachandra Badabagni, Shashikant Malkud

Doi :   Page No : 53-57

Trend of sexually transmitted infections in HIV seropositive and seronegative male patients attending STD clinic at a tertiary care centre

Author : Sathish S, Leelavathy B, Sacchidanand Sarvajnamurthy Aradhya

Doi :   Page No : 45-49

Correlation of acne with dairy products - Fact or a Misconception

Author : Vinma H. Shetty, Swathi D

Doi :   Page No : 43-47

A study of efficacy of platelet rich plasma in treatment of androgenetic alopecia in male patients

Author : Krishnendra Varma, Ankit Agrawal, Meetesh Agrawal

Doi :   Page No : 40-44

Clinical pattern of deformities and disabilities in leprosy patients in rural Bangalore – A two year study at tertiary level hospital

Author : Raghavendra B.N., Aneesh S., Swetha Yarramachu, Anoop Gopal D.S., Muneer Mohamed

Doi :   Page No : 101-109

A study of cutaneous manifestations of chronic pulmonary diseases among patients attending a tertiary care hospital

Author : Arjun Ajay Shankar, Malcolm Pinto, Deepu Changappa Cheriamane, Manjunath Shenoy M

Doi :   Page No : 1-4

Bilastine for the treatment of chronic spontaneous urticaria: Consensus statement for Indian patients

Author : Kiran Godse, Abhishek De, Vijay Zawar, Bela Shah, Mukesh Girdhar, DS Krupa Shankar, Nidhi Sharma, Mu

Doi :   Page No : 180-185

Comparative Study of Oral Acyclovir and Oral Famciclovir in the treatment of Herpes Zoster

Author : Raghavendra KR, Esther Nimisha

Doi :   Page No : 32-35

Spectrum of Adnexal Neoplasms - A 2 year study in a tertiary care hospital, Konaseema, Andhra Pradesh, India

Author : Durga Eswara Anand Oruganti, Sesha Deepthi Pratti

Doi :   Page No : 115-118

Evaluation of efficacy and safety of modified technique of auto wart implantation in the treatment of multiple, recurrent and recalcitrant warts

Author : Mukunda Ranga Swaroop, Belagola Dasegowda Sathyanarayana, Periasamy Vasudevan, Aneesa, Priyanka Kuma

Doi :   Page No : 27-31

An Evaluation of Patch Test among Hand Eczema Patients Attending Tertiary Care Center in South East Rajasthan

Author : Raghavendra KR, Jitendra Bhuria, Mukul Sharma

Doi :   Page No : 17-22

Pattern of Pediatric Dermatoses in a Tertiary Care Centre in Karnataka

Author : Bangaru H, Nanjundaswamy BL

Doi :   Page No : 5-7

Analysis of dermatological manifestations of dengue fever

Author : Bela B. Padhiar, Dhwani Makwana

Doi :   Page No : 110-114

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